Business process automation myths

Last updated on 12th Oct 2019

This is the 2nd post in my series where I want to address some of the myths surrounding business process automation.

If you missed the first post you can find it here:What is Business Process Automation

  • #1: There is a common misconception that Business Process Automation solutions are too expensive, especially for small businesses

    By automating even the most basic business processes, especially frequently executed, complex or time consuming processes, you reduce costs, save time, remove errors and increase productivity.

    This is especially true for small businesses and businesses with small teams. By automating processes and tasks smaller businesses or teams can retain process within the automation software and not have to worry if staff members are off sick or leave the business.

    Process execution will also be quicker, consistently accurate and executed on a consistent schedule regardless of staff availability leading to greater customer satisfaction.

  • #2: You need a lot of technical understanding

    In the early days of business automation solutions were all highly technical. Today, a professionally developed solution should not require a high degree of technical understanding in order to be setup, configured or executed.

  • #3: Our current processes work, why should we change them?

    The processes you have work and you don’t want to mess that up. Even if you believe your current processes are top notch, its worthwhile sitting down and evaluating them on a regular basis to ensure that you are operating efficiently.

    According to a recent study by IDC, companies lose 20 - 30 % of revenue every year due to inefficiencies or errors in their process. A major indicator of success is how well your company can adapt to a rapidly evolving business landscape, and unfortunately, out-dated processes can, and almost certainly will, hold you back.

  • #4: Business process automation solutions are expensive

    At first view some Business Process Automation solutions may seem pricey but when you look more closely, it’s clear to see that process automation will help you streamline processes, saving time, reducing costs, make employees’ lives easier, paying for itself overtime.

  • #5: Business Process Automation is about removing humans from a process

    Process automation has been around around much longer than most people realise. In fact it has been around since the early 19th century! While it is true that process automation may result in a small number of people losing their jobs, the vast majority simply don't end up dealing with complex, time consuming tasks and instead perform value adding (and often more interesting) tasks.

    As technology improves there is no doubt it will be used to perform increasing complex tasks rather than them being performed entirely by humans the purpose of Business Process Automation solutions is to empower people - not put them out of work.

  • #6: It will solve all your problems

    A common misunderstanding is that Business Process Automation can do everything - including fix your broken processes.

    Unfortunately it cant! Almost all business processes can be automated but if the process has faults then these faults will also be reproduced.